Our teacher Özcan Kalkan was in Albania as a guest of the Albanian University. In this presentation, Robofizz exercise devices were presented to the students.

Handfizz which is a wrist strengthening device was brought to the Albanian University presentation and tested live by the students.

Robofizz albanian arnavutluk university
handfizz wrist exercise device albanian university

Özcan gave a lecture about how the brain works and how its damage can cause spasticity in the wrist and ankles. Then he explained how Handfizz can reduce spasticity in the wrists when it’s used for a few weeks.

handfizz robofizz robotic wrist strengthening machine albanian university presentation

Using Handfizz as a robotic exercise device uses the neuroplasticity nature of the brain to reduce contraction and improves movability of the wrists for the users who have Cerebral Palsy and other issues that involve paralysis in the hands or arms.

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