Ms. Irem - Quadriplegia

Problem: Severe brain damage, whole body involvement
Device: Bodyfizz and Footfizz
Irem has been using Bodyfizz for about 2 years and our Footfizz robotic exercise devices for 1 year.
Irem’s father, Mr. Mustafa:

Our daughter has been in this situation for about 2 years. The first day we met Mr. Özcan, he asked us to try these tools that he suggested to us. We then collected all the tools that might be relevant to my daughter and started using them during this time. As we started using it, contractions and pain started to decrease to a certain extent. We worked out once or twice or even three times a day. Thanks to these devices, my daughter’s perspective towards us has changed and I can see from her eyes that she understands a few words we say. There has been a significant improvement in my daughter due to the directives given from the feet to the brain as the devices work with vibration.
There has been a visible improvement in my daughter now. We are also following this. I hope it will be much better in the future.

Irem’s mother, Mrs. Ayshe:

İrem has had many changes since she left the hospital and started working with these devices. There were changes in his perception, his outlook, and his ability to follow his surroundings. The dullness in the ankles has resolved considerably. We found it very useful. So I recommend it to everyone. I want everyone who can benefit to benefit.

Mr. Selim - Quadriplegia

Problem: Due to stomach bleeding, severe brain damage, whole body involvement
Device: Bodyfizz

Selim’s wife: Ms. Nurjan:

First of all, we are very pleased with your device. I’m glad we found you, thank you very much. I can say that Selim’s contractions have decreased or even gone since we started working with your device. I never saw Selim’s contractions after this device. It’s getting better every day. He couldn’t sit or bend his feet. He couldn’t move his foot, it was like it was locked. After using the device, he can break his feet from the kneecap. He can play it however he wants. He can move his hands and fingers. The tilt in his head started to return to normal. We are very pleased with your device. Moreover, an inpatient traveled. After using the device, he sat in the car seat and traveled in a taxi. We are most happy about this. It’s getting better every day. I believe very much that Selim will one day be able to sit and walk thanks to this device. Because we noticed a lot of changes and we are very pleased. I recommend it to everyone. I’m glad we found you.

Mr. Mustafa - Hemipilegia

Problem: Brain damage caused by brain tumor, right side involvement
Device: Handfizz (wrist strengthening tool)

Mr. Mustafa (himself)

Limitation of movement in wrist and ankle due to brain tumor 8 months ago

I have been continuing physical therapy for about 8-10 months. There is a general contraction on my right side. I had the opportunity to try Robofizz today. This is the first time I have encountered a treatment that will provide relief in such a short time. I think I will continue. I would like to thank everyone who contributed.

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