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What do Robofizz devices do?

Robofizz devices are designed to train wrist, arm, knees, etc. in order to get stronger arms and legs. By using Robofizz devices, you will get back the ability to move your arms, hands, legs, knees, hips, etc.

Do the devices actually work? Are there any success stories?

Does it have any harm or side effects?

So far there has been no report of harm or side effects as the result of using our devices. Robofizz devices are designed considering scientific facts and very comfortable to use. They will simply strengthen the areas of usage.

How do robotic exercise devices work?

Our robotic exercise devices work with three different methods: Passive exercises, active moves and resistance exercises. Here you can read about how they can strengthen wrist or ankle.

Whom are these devices for?

These devices are designed for sports as the main purpose. So, sportswomen and sportsmen can use the devices to gain stronger wrist, ankles, etc. Also they can be used by those who have movement limitations such as users with Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, MS, etc.

What age range are the devices aimed at?

The devices can be used by infants, children, young adults, adults and senile people who have disabilities or unable to use the wrist or ankles properly.

Are the robotic exercise devices expensive?

No, since we're aware of the economic limitations in the families who have children with Cerebral Palsy or adults with stroke, we understand that affordability as well as performance is the priority in robotic exercise devices. Therefore we have designed minimalist, portable and affordable robotic exercise devices so individuals can buy and use at home. However if the clinics or doctors are interested in buying our devices and use in their clinics, that could be also possible.

How long does it take to receive my device?

Usually it takes two weeks so we can prepare, test, calibrate and send your device(s). But to get the most accurate duration, please contact us.

Do you ship to the United States?

Yes, we ship our devices to all countries, including Europe, Canada, United States. However, shipping costs will be added to the price.

Is there any warranty or support?

Yes, our devices have 12 months of warranty. And there's a support team dedicated to quickly resolve any possible issues. Moreover, you can contact us any time to get instructions how to use the devices properly and more efficiently.

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