šŸ§ Stroke is a health problem that causes loss of physical ability due to the sudden interruption of blood flow to the brain vessels for any reason.

šŸ§ Due to stroke, the ability to move in one half of the body is lost. Because the center of the brain that gives movement orders and perceives the body’s position is damaged, the brain cannot give movement orders and perceive the body’s position. As a result, contractions may occur and body integrity is disrupted.

šŸ§ Exercises should be started as soon as the individual who has had a stroke becomes clinically stable. The aim of the exercises should be to prevent contractions from occurring and to re-teach the movements to the brain.

šŸ§ Our first goal with our robotic exercise devices is to prevent contractions in the body, to overcome contractions, if any, and then to re-emerge active movements and improve the quality of life.

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