🧠 The brain’s ability to learn a new situation and adapt to changing situations is called neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity can occur in both positive and negative ways.

🧠 For example, we cannot use our arm as soon as it is removed from a long-term cast. Because the brain’s movement of the arm was restricted and it did not receive any stimulation from the arm, it did not order active movement there. As a result, he forgets the movements of the arm. This is an example of negative neuroplasticity.

🧠 However, if you allow the brain to relearn the movement and adapt to changing situations, you can start using your arm as before. This is an example of positive neuroplasticity.

🧠 Since our Biofeedback Based Isokinetic Exercise Devices enable positive neuroplasticity, you can easily reduce your movement limitation due to any reason without getting tired, painless and with the help of our devices.

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