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Who we are

About Robofizz

We produce muscle trainer robotic devices.

Robofizz is a Turkish company located in the heart of Istanbul. Founded in 2022, its mission is to produce robotic devices that help sportswomen and sportsmen strengthen their muscles in a scientific way.

Our devices are designed using state-of-the-art technology in robotics by the hands of our local engineers.

Knowledge about how brain works combined with engineering creates amazing robotic devices that can help you strengthen your wrist, ankle, knees and overcome any issue you might have in moving those areas.

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who I am

Hello, I am Özcan Kalkan

Robofizz CEO

Hello, my name is Özcan (pronounced Ozjan). I’m the head of Robofizz. Together with my team, we produce robotic exercise devices. You can contact me if you have questions about how our devices work or how effective they are.

Here you can read more about me.

Furkan Kadder

Furkan Kadder

Fatih Abaylı

Fatih Abayli

Arda Özyaman

Arda Ozyaman

R&D Engineer

Yasemin Özatay

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