Our teacher Özcan Kalkan was in Kosovo on 18 December 2023

Ozcan Kalkan Kozovo Robofizz

In our visit to Kosovo, Robofizz consultant Ozcan Kalkan, presented the wrist exercise device, Handfizz, and explained how this biofeedback isokinetic device can send signals to the brain and restore the ability to move the wrists.

robofizz december 2023 kozovo

Handfizz is mainly used for sports to strengthen wrists, but it can also be used by the patients who have MS, paralysis after stroke, cerebral palsy, tendon injuries or movement limitation after coming off the cast.

Kozovo Robofizz
Handfizz muscle exerciser device kozovo seminar
9 Aralık 2023 Kozova Robofizz

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